... to the webpage devoted to the activities of our working group at the Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering. Our main aim is to do a high quality research in various branches of mathematics that appears mainly but not only in the domain of mathematical physics. Let us mention several topics like quantum groups, Lie and Hopf algebras, Hilbert space operators, integrable systems, time-dependent quantum systems, or perturbative methods in both classical and quantum mechanics for an example. Our main activity is to follow this aim which inseparably goes hand in hand with visiting and also organizing international meetings as well as with education of students and young researchers.

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Analytic and algebraic methods in physics XIV (September 11 - 14, 2017)

The regular Doppler institute microconference will take place at our math department in Trojanova street 13, Prague!

Studentská konference "Matematické metody v teorii pevných látek"

Integrable systems 2017

Týden vědy a techniky

Dne 10.11. 2016 od 13:00 přednese David Krejčiřík v rámci Týdne vědy a techniky příspěvek s názvem Stabilita hmoty aneb Jak klasická fyzika selhala ve vysvětlení existence našeho světa a jak to kvantová mechanika napravila. Nezapomeňte si rezervovat místo!

Dr. David Krejčiřík on board

We proudly announce that Dr. David Krejčiřík joined our ranks on September 1, 2016.

Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering
Czech Technical University in Prague
Trojanova 13, 120 00 Prague 2, Czech Republic
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