... to the webpage devoted to the activities of our working group at the Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering. We have been conducting research in the fields of mathematical physics, mathematical biology, non-equilibrium thermodynamics, and also others where a rigorous mathematical approach is desirable in order to analyze up-to-date problems in physical and technical sciences. We prefer analytic and algebraic methods to numerical analysis since the former provide much deeper insight and understanding to a problem, although very often they lead „only“ to qualitative or asymptotic results. Our another motivation is the need for mathematical models derived from first principles of physical theories. From the current research interests, let us mention toy models of relativistic and non-relativistic quantum systems, chemical kinetics, pattern formation in biology, spectral geometry, spectral theory of linear operators, or representation theory of groups and algebras.

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Studentská konference "Kombinatorika na slovech a matematická fyzika 2019" (26.-30.5. 2019)

Shape optimization with surface interactions (June 17-21, 2019)

We coorganize an international conference on “Shape optimization with surface interactions" in San Jose, California.

Conference to celebrate 80th jubilee of Miroslav Grmela (May 18-19, 2019)

...will be coorganized by MAFIA at our faculty in Břehová street.

Integrable systems 2019

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